About Us


I can tell you we got big big energy to embrace ourselves and to have fun with our style. In fact, we could not find anything where high fashion meets high fun, and that’s where it all began… With conf3tti, we set out to bring this majorly functional, wonderfully comfortable and super fashion forward vision to life.

Our designs are inspired by the grown-up world of functional and premium high fashion, translated to appeal to a kid’s whimsical eye and withstand their active lifestyle. conf3tti is made for fashion and fun: from running down the street to ice cream contests and all the adventure in between. We see the world the way kids do - full of optimism and wonder. With our feel-good fashion, conf3tti is a destination for all things joyful.

We are 100% here for all the messy, fun, laughter-filled, tricky and celebratory parts of being a kid. Whenever you’re in need of a little extra fun, you can count on us to help bring out your own inner sparkle of joy. We’d stake our (silly, fun-for-all) reputation on the fact that no one in the history of time has ever regretted adding a little fun to their day. 


A fitness fan and fashion expert, Joyce Hwang came from the world of luxury fashion and worked at lululemon for five years prior to starting conf3tti. She founded conf3tti to combine her love of athleisure and fashion with her passion for all things #MomLife and kid-centric fun.

With two small daughters, Joyce’s family home is a headquarters of dress-up, make-believe, high fashion and high fun. Influenced by her inventive dreams, fearless imaginations, and her girls’ VERY honest feedback, conf3tti was born. Our own in-house focus group, their out-there ideas and creative insights inspire all we make.